Please note that the Loner M6/M6i/SMD/IS+ lines have reached their end-of-life and are now discontinued. See this notification for more information.

    These wearable devices communicate safety monitoring information to the Blackline Safety Network, where monitoring personnel can dispatch emergency responses when necessary. Loner features both automatic safety incident detection and manual alert triggers. Loner automatically watches over workers and calls for help, even when the employee can’t. When the green SureSafe® light is on, employees can work with confidence knowing their safety is being monitored 24/7 in real-time by live monitoring personnel — 2G wireless connectivity provides coverage in more than 100 countries. Loner SMD delivers all the tools necessary for employee safety monitoring and optimized emergency responses.


    Loner SMD/IS+ Device Training (Outdoors)
    Loner Device Training Video
    Loner M6 Instructional Video
    Loner m6 Safety Monitoring Device Training Webinar


    How long will my battery last?
    What does the red light at the bottom of my Loner device mean?
    The green light on my Loner device is off, what does it mean?
    My Loner device makes a single beep once every 5 minutes, what does it mean?
    Why am I getting false pending Fall Detection alerts?
    Why am I getting false Silent Alerts?
    Can I cancel an alert that has been sent?

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    Introducing the Loner M6 to Canada and the US
    Introducing the Loner M6 to UK and Europe
    Lone Worker Monitoring - Blackline Safety Introduces Loner M6
    Loner Worker Monitoring - Blackline Safety Introduces Loner M6 to the UK and Europe