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New Customer Care Call-in Menus

To help serve you better, we have upgraded our phone system and simplified our menu options when you call Blackline Safety.

The changes are effective July 3, 2024. When you call Blackline Safety on or after this date, please listen carefully to ensure you select the correct option for your call.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact our Technical Support team.

Technische Unterstützung

Nordamerika (24 Stunden)

Gebührenfrei: 1-877-869-7212 | support@blacklinesafety.com 

Europe (8am-5pm GMT)

+44 1787 222684 | eusupport@blacklinesafety.com

France (8 a.m.-5pm)

+33 80 52 23185 | eusupport@blacklinesafety.com

International (24 Stunden)

+1-403-451-0327 | support@blacklinesafety.com